Interventional Pain Symposium – Main Topics

  • Flouroscopic radiology for interventions and Radiation safety
  • Interventional procedures in cranial neuralgias (trigeminal, sphenopalatine,glossopharyngeal)
  • Cervical spinal interventions (Interlaminar, transforaminal injections, medial branch block)
  • Lumbar and sacral spinal interventions (Transforaminal injection, medial branch block, nerve root block (DRG)
  • Sympathetic nervous system: interventional treatments (Stellate, thoracic symphathetic, lumbar symphathetic ganglions)
  • Invasive cancer pain therapy (Splancnic, celiac, hypogastric, impar ganglions)
  • Neuromodulation: New indications – Recent advances in Electrical neuromodulation
  • SCS and chronic pain. What is the evidence?
  • Drugs and pumps for intrathecal drug delivery
  • Intervention for peripheral neuropathies
  • New Evidence for Pulsed RF
  • Regenerative procedures for pain
  • Epiduroscopy and epidural neuroplasty
  • Precautions for the complications of interventional treatment modalities

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