Dear Colleagues,

Global Migraine and Pain Summit, 4th MENA Conference and 2th Turkish African Headache and Pain Management Meeting will be for the first time in Turkey by the Global Pain and Migraine Society (KMAD) in the VIRTUAL EVENT PLATFORM within at October 28-30, 2020.

As the most commonly occurring type of pain, the developmental, biopsychosocial and multi-cultural aspects of headache are immediately clear to all clinicians in our field of study. Focused and interactive meetings greatly enhance our research capabilities as well as widening our clinical perspective. This was illustrated most recently by our Pan-Africa meeting in Istanbul and the previous MENA meetings. For this summit, we have focused on solutions that will allow our colleagues from Eastern Europe and Asia, who were previously unable to attend due to limited resources, to join us. This wide geographical range was made possible mainly by the support of IHS, as well as the endorsement of EHF and EAN. Apart from clinical neurologists and headache specialists, we will be working with family physicians and other related professionals at this meeting.

You are welcome to join us for an extra-ordinary meeting and to have a chance to approach future of health with a strong global experts’ experiences.

Aynur Özge
On Behalf of the Organization Committee


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